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First post of 2019:)



If you’ve seen the footage, you know how disturbing it is. A 15 year old boy, dragged out of a bodega ( corner store) beat with knives and machetes . It was allegedly a case of mistakes identity . A boy that looked similar to junior , released a video of. One of the men’s younger sister getting fucked . Apparently the video was 2 years old though, and the boy and junior resembled each other .

The men told the store owners don’t get involved, and are partially being blamed for his death because they didn’t call the cops .

As usual, when the cops get there, they asked what’s wrong , and didn’t attempt to help. The boy died for outside the hospital .

We have to do better people.

Budgeting and Saving

Ok so what i cant stand the most, is when people really make videos and stuff about unrealistic ways to save, etc. Like when people discuss budgeting, you actually need some type of money to budget. i cant budget bill money because well, the bills must be paid. I cant relate to someone budgeting on a 95k a year income because i don;t make 95k a year. I don’t make money from youtube, or blogging. I don’t have a residual income , every income that i ear, every check i get, goes to a bill or savings really. I don’t fall into a category of having parents pay for this and that while at school. i don’t have any government assistants . No i don’t have kids, but that doesn’t mean i have it a million times better than one who does. so here is a video and another on my channel on what i do to budget